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Your Car Or A Hybrid Car?

While some hybrid cars get incredible gas mileage, can they save you enough at the Kumho Ecsta SPT pump to justify the added cost? Put your car (or any vehicle) up against these hybrids to calculate your annual fuel savings.

| December 19th, 2008 | Continued

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Car MPG launched in 2008 as a resource for finding and comparing the fuel economy (or lack thereof) for every 2009 model year vehicle. If you need a quick way to check the city and highway miles per gallon on a specific automobile, this is it. We’ll also give you the MSRP, and we assign a rating to […]


Car MPG Ratings | Guide To All Vehicles: Miles Per Gallon

Big Changes
The price we paid for a gallon of fuel in 2008 ranged from less than $1.50 to more than $5.00. Never before have we experienced such wide fluctuations in gas prices. As gasoline costs skyrocketed during the first half of the year, many people decided they could no longer afford to drive their gas guzzling vehicles.

$100 Fill-Ups
Large SUVs, trucks, vans, and inefficient cars were either parked, or traded for smaller automobiles. Many people also reduced the number of miles they drove, in an attempt to lower their overall fuel spend. The demand for fuel in the United States fell more than 5% in 2008 (compared to 2007), the biggest drop since 1981.

MPG Rating & Comparisons

It has been a really tough couple of years for the auto industry. As consumers slowly begin to return to car dealer showrooms, window stickers will be more important than ever. In many cases, the final buying decision will be based on price, miles per gallon, residual value and cost to insure. For this reason, we have come up with the Miles Per Gallon Per Price (MPGPP) rating on all new vehicles for 2009 and 2010 (2011 updates coming soon).

For example, a car with an MSRP of $30,000 that gets a combined 30 m.p.g. (based on EPA ratings) would have a MPGPP of 1000. The base model 2009 Toyota Prius rating is 468 ($22,000 and 46 mpg). At the same time, the Hummer H2 (now discontinued) gets a whopping 5818 ($64,000 and estimated 11 mpg) The lower the number, the better the MPGPP rating.

Both small and large dealerships across the country now carry fuel efficient vehicles. Most dealers offer pre-owned hybrids and a variety of high gas mileage cars, trucks, and SUVs in several price ranges. Car MPG is now an important factor in most every auto purchase.